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It is an unfortunate reality that businesses today are focused so much on making a profit and satisfying their investors that they often overlook their employees. Employment discrimination occurs in all types of businesses and for a variety of reasons including gender, pregnancy, national origin, race, sexual orientation, and even retaliation. Fortunately, however, there are state and federal laws which protect the rights of individuals who are being unjustly discriminated against. Olga Medyukh is an experienced employment discrimination attorney in NYC who will fight for your rights.

Whether you have been unjustly terminated as the result of discrimination, or you feel you were passed over for being hired or promoted into a particular position due to discrimination, you may have a case against the company. If the company you feel has wronged you in any way is located in the NYC or Brooklyn area, call 866-822-6933 to set up a free consultation and find out whether or not you have a good case to be made against them.

Employment Discrimination Attorney NYC | Brooklyn & NYC Law Experts

Working with an employment discrimination attorney in NYC is the best way to get the results you want in any sort of employment discrimination case. This is because in addition to the federal and state laws that are in place to prevent discrimination, there are also regulations and cases specific to Brooklyn or New York City which can play an important role in some cases. Having an employment attorney who for your case will give you advantage which really can’t be found with attorneys who don’t specifically focus on this type of case.

Employment Discrimination Attorney NYC | Complex & Demanding

Discrimination cases typically come in one of two varieties. There are the easy cases in which it is obvious that an individual was discriminated against and the case is often settled out of court. Most cases, however, are more complex and nuanced than that which makes them more challenging. If, for example, someone is passed up for a promotion despite being qualified and she believes it is because she is pregnant, it can be hard to prove the motive of the hiring manager.

These are the types of cases which require careful consideration by the attorney before moving forward. The employment discrimination attorney in NYC will have to not only prove that the client was denied an employment opportunity which she was qualified for, but also that the motive for her being passed up was based on a protected category such as sex, race, color, pregnancy, religion, national origin, genetic information, disability or age. While it is certainly more difficult in cases like these, it is not at all impossible. Due to the fact that there are many laws and regulations for this type of discrimination an experienced employment discrimination attorney in NYC can successfully fight for your rights and win you just compensation.

If you feel like you have been wrongfully discriminated against in a workplace environment, don’t just accept it. Fight for your rights and the rights of others who have been harmed by unfair practices. Call Olga Medyukh at 866-822-6933 to discuss your options get your case started right away.